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2019-5-16 · A boiler/scrubber control system safety interlock is necessary. Safe operation of the boiler requires integration of some of the scrubber status signals (e.g. uptake and bypass damper position) and pressure measurement (K61). Likewise, safe scrubber operation requires status signals from the boiler (e.g. boiler load). Main engine Auxiliary engine

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Home > Products > Marine Equipment Sector|Auxiliary boiler burner. We have a wealth of experience dealing with burners and other systems used on vessels: from boiler burners used for the main propulsion engine on large LNG carriers, to auxiliary boiler burners used as heat sources within the vessel, as well as waste liquid incinerators, and bilge / slush treatment systems.


Mitsubishi Auxiliary Boiler : MAC-B MAC-B Meaning of MAC-B M : Mitsubishi A : Auxiliary C : Compact B : Type December, SHINSEI KOGYO, TOEI GO Firing for SOx

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2016-12-27 · Control of Sox Nox – Coal Fired Power Plants Conference – Mission Energy 22nd & 23rd Dec-2016 Innovation is anything, but business as usual • Pure Hydrocarbon. Reduction in Auxiliary power consumption.

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2019-4-19 · The combustion equipment and control systems of our auxiliary boilers are based on C-heavy oil basic specifications designs. We recommend adding specifications for combustion MGO (Marine Gas Oil) which contains less sulphur than C-heavy oil to your boilers. This method helps reduce SOx and CO2 emissions.

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2012-11-6 · Mitsubishi Auxiliary Boiler Mitsubishi Auxiliary Boiler :: MACMAC-BMAC–BB Meaning of MAC-B M : Mitsubishi A : Auxiliary -Pure steam-Safe Operation-Easy operation and monitoring using Graphic panel GO Firing forGO Firing forGO Firing for SOx Emission Control (2/3)SOx Emission Control (2/3)SOx Emission Control

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2018-12-11 · and auxiliary engines, as well as boiler exhaust gas. Multiple inlets greatly reduce the footprint and weight of the scrubber system overall, along with the cost of the equipment SOx scrubber technology, many of which are repeat orders. All PureSOx systems ever installed are still in compliant

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A 3,800-vehicle pure car and truck carrier equipped with dual-fuel 2-stroke diesel engine (ME-GI), dual-fuel diesel generator (DFD) and dual-fuel auxiliary boiler―a world first for

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2019-5-6 · Thornton – Leading Pure Water Analytics Over forty-five years ago, Thornton designed and manufactured the original analog resistivity/ conductivity meters for ultrapure water. As a leader, we helped refine the data for pure water conductivity properties and became the measurement standard in the microelectronics industry,

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